Daily Design Inspirations 12: What good design is all about: simple innovations that make products better (#DailyDesignInspirations)

What is the most powerful quote that I have in mind, when I talk on Innovation? It must be Leonardo da Vinci’s famous line “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. When I read Designer Daily’s blog post on simple design improvements, it again brought this fundamental ethos of designing as a part of problem solving back to me. Brilliant ideas, these…

What is so significant is that in all these 12 inspired ideas, strong User Needs are being addressed. Clearly showing a focus on the Empathy element of the Design Thinking process – the foundation of Human-Centred Design. To empathise, we:

  • Observe. View users and their behavior in the context of their lives.
  • Engage. Interact with and interview users through both scheduled and short ‘intercept’ encounters.
  • Immerse. Experience what your user experiences.

As Human-Centred designers we need to understand the people for whom we are designing. The problems we are trying to solve are rarely our own—they are those of particular users; in order to design for users, we must build empathy for who they are and what is important to them. Watching what people do and how they interact with their environment gives us clues about what they think and feel.

Here’s to 2016! A year of Empathy for Designing better Solutions.

What good design is all about: simple innovations that make products better

Good design often goes unnoticed, but it is everywhere around us. This post is dedicated to present some small, almost unnoticeable, design improvements made to products.

The Drop Rest mug

Drops of coffee are tiny, but they can quickly create pretty big stains if they reach the bottom of your cup. Korean designer Kim Keun Ae decided it was time to do something about it and created the Drop Rest mug, a mug with a simple line that prevents any coffee drop to go any further.


A space-saving bike rack

Most cities’ bike racks are installed in a way that takes up space, no matter whether they in use of not. This simple and clever design solution makes it take much less space if the racks are not used.


A regenerating candle

How to make your candles reusable instead of throwing them away after the first use? Easy, just buy this incredible candle holder by Benjamin Shine.


The anti-theft lunch bag

This reusable packaging for your sandwiches will keep your lunches safe from your less honest co-workers or classmates. It will deceive them into believing that the bread is full of mold, enough to disgust them and prevent them to eat it.


The baby bag that turns into a bed

If you ever travelled with your baby, you’ll know how practical this baby bagthat can turn into a bed truly is.


Seil bag

These clever bags are made just for bikers and integrate some LED lighting system on the back. Unfortunatly, these weren’t funded as the Kickstarter project to finance the production didn’t reach its goal. Too bad, because it would have been a real progress towards better safety for bikes on the road.


The phone case that does everything

This case doesn’t just protect your phone, it’s the Swiss knife of phone cases and without a doubt the most useful protection case ever. Open your beers, measure stuff, screw anything,… all of that with the Task One multi-tool phone case.


The carpet alarm clock

An alarm clock is actually meant to do more than just wake you up, it should wake you up and ensure that you get out of bed. This is exactly what thecarpet alarm clock does, you have to stand on it if you want it to stop.


Easy to clean hairbrush

A little piece that you can add to your hairbrush to make it easy to clean. Once you are done, just take it off and hair will not stay stuck in your brush.


SpoonPlus: when chopsticks meet spoon

When I was a kid, I remembered that using chopsticks was the coolest thing that could happen in the kitchen (apart from eating fondue). However, I would also often wonder how people would eat soup when eating with chopsticks. Design duo Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot found a good solution to this issue.


No loss soap dispenser

This soap dispenser is inspired by cheese graters and produces snow flakes that are much easier to dissolve and guarantee that you will use just what you need. It will also prevent loss of soap like a regular soap place would.


A tailing light for your bike

A tiny add-on for your bike that will create safety lines on the go while riding. This is pretty awesome and will greatly increase the rides of bike owners.


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