Human Centred Design. A 3-Day Design Thinking Lab. In Bangalore, India

About the Programme:

Over the three days, learn the Model for Design Thinking, apply the learnings to test assumptions, create insights, brainstorm for ideas, and prototype for tests. And do so using some of The Painted Sky’s unique Art-Based methods!

Learn to conduct powerful Empathy Research to get valuable Insights on behaviours and interests, develop Stakeholder Personas and draw Empathy Maps to identify possibilities and problems, Brainstorm with new tools to come up with novel solutions, prototype through modeling and theatre to test and validate the solutions for applicability.

A completely experiential learning approach (“learning by doing”), the programme aims to bring real problems from the real world and come away with real solutions. And try some Art, Theatre and Modeling along the way!

Hands on. Real time. Experiential and Practical.

Location: Bangalore, India (venue to be announced soon)

Dates: 25th, 26th, 27th January, 2016




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