Who We Are

UBQT is a Design Thinking consulting firm that helps clients leverage the most modern approaches to find solutions. Using the Design Thinking approach of “User Centric Solutioning” in every aspect of business, and life. Focusing on an enhanced and engaging User Experience, in everything.

UBQT Designs is founded by people who have spent many years leading businesses across the world. The UBQT founding team come from Product and Service Design backgrounds, with diverse experiences cutting across industries and geographies.

UBQT offers clients:

  • product and service development consulting services through Design Thinking
  • learning opportunities through workshops and labs in Design Thinking
  • how to bring about Understanding, Empathy and Positive Change through, yes, Design Thinking.

Reach out to us, for more information on how we can transform your User Experience. Forever.

The UBQT Team


Anirban Bhattacharya




Deepak Srinivasa




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Soni Bhattacharya


UBQT’s Advisors

The UBQT team is supported by some of the finest names in the Design business who act as advisors and mentors, in Consulting and Training. We have on board people who have designed for some of the world’s largest technology companies, financial services, build buildings and bridges. And much, much more.



Sudhindra V.
Chief Design Officer India at IBM Interactive Experience




Mrinal Rai
Experience Design Strategist

Jai N


Jai Natarajan
Senior Advisor, Business Strategy at Xentrix Studios




Deepa Rao




Dinesh Rao
Architect, Partner at Monsoon Design


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