Consulting Services

10455939_899209260121790_1084927355146746186_nUBQT Design works with clients to help them Understand Users and Innovate for Solutions that work.

At UBQT, we meaningfully engage with the Design Thinking process on a Three Stage process, that takes our clients on a journey of inspired creativity and innovation. The 3D process we apply offers a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary, multi-channel approach to solving complex problems:

  1. Discover
  2. Develop
  3. Deliver


During the journey, we learn to develop a more empathetic and understanding approach to users/customers/stakeholders, counter their biases and judgements with data, develop open minds and creative thinking abilities to seek solutions with difficult problems.

As a process, it is structured, interactive, collaborative and fun, and focuses on generating real time solutions that can transform businesses and experiences. The process of Design Thinking asks key questions to practitioners and challenges them to give up on assumptions, explore alternatives and options, to develop a better future. Our approach and methods foster Collaboration and Creativity as we constantly challenge the status quo and dive deeper to find meaning and method in User Behaviours, generate Insights and drive towards real Solutions and Implementations.

We co-create solutions with clients to help them Empathise with User, Define key problems and opportunities, brainstorm to generate multiple Ideas, give them shape through Rapid Prototyping, and Test and Evaluate the same.

At UBQT, our Consultants are supported by a panel of experts and advisors who are global leaders in the field of Design, who help us deliver best results in quickest time.

We work in the space of Design Led Innovation, a user-centered design methodology that radically rethinks the meaning of products, services, systems and processes. Design Led Innovation leads to dramatically new forms of value required for long term sustainable business success. Our consulting, facilitation and training services span across the 5Ds, from Discovery to Delivery, and are flexible, Agile and creative.


User Research + Discovery

  • Utilise design thinking methods to uncover opportunities
  • Kick-off: Training programmes to familiarise stakeholders
  • Observe and Immerse to do Empathy Research to develop Insights
  • Define project vision and strategy
  • Manage and run user research initiatives
  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Persona Finalisation and Empathy Maps
  • Visioning, Validation & Prioritisation Workshops

Project and Process Management

  • Translate research findings into tactical priorities
  • Provide strategic planning, domain expertise, and guidance around best practices
  • Enable teams to create solutions through hand-holding and consulting, specifically in spaces like:
    • Information Architecture
    • Design Direction/Experience briefs
    • Sitemap
    • Visual Design
    • Wireframes
    • Mood boards

Training and Coaching

  • Train and Coach teams around the implementation of design thinking practices
  • Facilitate and run brainstorming, prototyping, and user testing sessions
    (for more, see Training Solutions)