Success Stories

A long list of clients in Training and Consulting that is growing by the day!


A few Cases where we have effectively used Design Thinking to solve problems.

Helped one of India’s largest e-commerce companies find out how to engage most meaningfully with the Sellers, to maximise value and experience.

  • Extensive Empathy research led to discovery of varies issues with existing solutions, leading to dissatisfaction and migration.
  • New solutions were brought in to address Seller concerns, to improve overall engagement and business performance.

Worked with a global banking hub to identify ways to improve efficiency and performance to save costs.

  • Through observation of daily work patterns of associates and managers, key insights were drawn that linked to lowered performance.
  • Through brainstorming and iterations, the team came up with multiple new ideas to reduce wastage and enhance productivity.

Worked with a German automotive major to discover newer ways of Employee Engagement, in rewarding journey that commenced prior to hiring and went beyond the exit.

  • With the aim to reduce attrition of top performers, the teams observed employee behaviours and actions to unearth inconsistencies between policies, expectations and realities.
  • These led to identification of key problems faced, and then solutioning to improve perception, communication and benefits to address problems.

Co-created new tools and interfaces for the Procurement Team of an energy PSU, to revamp the entire vendor management systems and processes.

  • Facing deep dissatisfaction with vendors due to legacy processes and systems, the team interviewed 50 vendor to hearing their stories.
  • Based on the same, new dashboards and feedback mechanisms were developed, to enhance transparency and communication between the parties.

Developed new initiatives for a Consulting major to improve diversity of the workforce and develop a culture of inclusiveness.

  • To decode mindsets and biases that lead to behaviours and actions that are often discriminatory, the team engaged in extensive Empathy research to discover the ground realities in the organisation.
  • Once the real problems were defined and reframed, a number of new solutions were generated, to not just improve gender and generation diversity but also to change culture and beliefs to enable better integration and performance.

Helped a bookstore understand the need to stay relevant in this age of online shopping, and remodel their entire Service Design and Customer Experience. The detailed case is here.

  • Worked with promoters to interview 300 buyers to understand their perception and experience, and to challenge thinking.
  • Co-created number of solutions, from apps to redesigned counters to delivery processes to improve customer experience.

Many successes, in many fields…